H2CO3's Projects

Software I'm proud of


PHiLe (pronounced fillet), the Painless High-Level Persistence Engine, is a next-generation tool for easy programmatical database access.

Like an ORM, it provides a high-level interface that allows developers to operate on the right conceptual level rather than having to focus on the low-level specifics of the database engine being used.

Unlike an ORM, however, it is highly portable across several database engines and programming languages. Based on a clean, object-oriented, functional-declarative DSL with a strong, expressive type system for describing schemas and queries, PHiLe generates a Database Abstraction Layer for you automatically.


Sparkling is a simple, compact extension language with familiar syntax, dynamic typing, automatic memory management, and safe, sound semantics.

Designed to be a modern embeddable scripting language, it provides an easy-to-use C API so that you can write bindings to native code really fast. Its code footprint is small, making it an ideal alternative to e.g. Python and JavaScript, and it runs on a reasonably efficient bytecode interpreter, making its speed comparable to that of Lua.

Sparkling also attempts to avoid many design mistakes commonly found in other languages, such as implicit globals or non-obvious implicit type conversions.